De Heus Feed Mill at Vinh Long ground-breaking

March 06, 2015 De Heus holds the ground-breaking ceremony for his 7th feed mill in Vietnam, also the 2nd in Vinh Long province. Among 5 newly-built factories of De Heus, ABBO has provided with turn-key services (design, project & construction management) for 4 (2 in Vinh Long, 1 in Binh Dinh and 1 in Vinh Phuc) except the first in Dong Nai.

le dong tho - giam size

The project was just activated in December 2014, then the design team has worked quite hard before Tet in order to start the construction work as schedule.

phoi canh - giam size

Aqua R&D Center – CSR project

Aqua R&D Center belongs to De Heus Corporation, locates at Mang Thit district, Vinh Long province. The center of 40.000 sqm is to guide rural fish farmers how to feed fish more effectively.

For this project, ABBO is aware that this is a non-profit project for the community. Then we share the nice goal of De Heus to increase the fish productivity in Mekong delta and improve the farmers’ life.

Here we supply the service of design review and construction management with a non-profit fee.

Denis Canning Factory ground-breaking

December 11, 2014 – Denis Group (France) holds the ground-breaking ceremony for Denis Canning Factory at Ascendas IP, Ben Cat district, Binh Duong province designed by ABBO. ABBO is also in charge of the bidding procurement for construction work.

This is the first factory of Denis group in Vietnam to entry this potential market of canned food which is now doninated by Thailand imported product. In order to satisfy all strict requirements about food safety of Europe and USA, the factory has been designed and carefully reviewed after each phase in compliance with HACCP, GAP.


The factory is scheduled to be completed and put into operation on August 2015.